Turn your Knowledge & Expertise into recurring INCOME


Work with me for 7 weeks to discover how to turn your knowledge into digital products.

There are people right now who need you to fill a gap they currently have in their life but you are yet to step up to the plate


Stay with me, I am about to address all your “What ifs”, “I am not sures” and “can I do this thoughts” around monetizing your Knowledge. I am ready to help you uncover your GENIUS and make money from what you already know IN YOUR SLEEP

Have you been thinking of creating an extra stream of income

  • Do people always seek your opinion on a certain topic?

  • Are you well versed in a subject matter?

  • You are not sure how to package the knowledge you have into products that SELL. In fact, you keep wondering who will PAY me?

  • Have you lived a THING for many years and consider yourself an expert on it? i.e. You have parents for a couple of years and you can guide other new parents through it?

  • You already SELL your knowledge as either E-books, Online courses, Webinars, Membership groups, Video training, etc but love to EARN more from it?


If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you need to keep reading because I have the solution for you.

See, it all starts with you saying YES to yourself and the opportunity. No one can teach what you teach the way you teach it, your knowledge and experience is unique to YOU alone. Start with what you have and where you are. Let me show you the growth of this course.

You want to guess what the revenue will be this next time?

It’s unbelievable to think that this money came in because I told myself what the heck! I can do THIS.

Imagine all the money waiting for you, once you tell yourself I CAN DO THIS…


Before becoming Nigeria’s small Business fixer I was just like you… I just needed extra $700 . Let me share a little story with you

This was me in 2017, I had left my job and everything had fallen apart, I was broke and frustrated with my life. I felt I should have achieved more. In my last job, I was a Group Marketing Manager at a Fortune 100 company so I had earned a lot of money but boom it was all gone so I needed to flee Nigeria for my sanity.  I was going through mental breakdown and needed $700 to buy a ticket to leave because all I had in my accounts than was $138. So I launched my first Webinar product – Sell like a PRO 1

Just like you, I did not think people would pay, like why would people pay me for a class? So I priced it at N3,000 | $9. Guess what? In 48 hours, I made $1250 launching the offer to my 4,500 followers on Instagram and 0 people on my mailing list. I got the ticket then and left the country.


That was 3 years ago. Since then, I have gone on to create several digital products (Webinars, E-books, Online course, Video courses, Bundle products, WhatsApp groups and most recently a monthly membership)


I have spent my time perfecting how to market digital products that sell and once I felt I was ready to share my framework with people, I believe in a saying – TO Teach is to LEARN TWICE so I began to teach people how to monetize their knowledge


Steve, @iamsteveharris

Tricia is one of the brightest and knowledgeable teachers you could ever find!

As a thought leader, I have been in the online business space since 2007, I had done webinars before but never gotten 7 digits revenue off it.

Working with Tricia was amazing and together we set a goal to have my 1st one million naira webinar and we didn’t just hit the goal, we did some more. It was wildly successful with over 300 registrants. If you need to monetize your knowledge – Tricia is your plug. She is the real deal.



Obis Ora, @obis.ora

$5 – 10K a Month Helping women across 24+ countries

Since the launch of the Obis Ora brand 18 months ago, I have been able to monetize my knowledge via style Whatsapp challenges, webinars, eBooks, video tutorials and group coaching where I help mothers who were struggling to dress their new body, embrace colors, and infuse style in their daily activities to look better and improve their self-esteem.

We are now a 100,000 strong community of women ready to invest in self and style.


Lamide Johnson, @Lamide Johnson

Achieved 730% growth in enrollment for my online course.

I have been selling online courses for a couple of years now and the average enrollment numbers were 10 people.

I relaunched my Story telling course recently using the strategies I learnt from TriciaBiz and I got 73 students who enrolled.

This has never happened before

Cecilia Agu, @bedroommatters

Made x10 Cost of Course from my First Webinar

I signed up for the course not really knowing what I expected to get out of it. After I took the course on monetizing your knowledge under Tricia’s tutelage, I launched my first product, and I made 10 times the amount I paid for the course.If you have knowledge that solves a problem, stop making excuses, stop wasting time, sign up and make as much money as those of us who took the course.


Temi Olajide, @mummyclinicc

Management Consultant by Day, Mummy Teacher by Night

I joined instagram 3 years ago, then I realized a need I had a solution for, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I registered for the monetize your knowledge course with Tricia and I had a brainstorming session with her, that is how My story changed.


I decided that I wanted more so in November 2019, I decided to take it a step further by going to learn from people who were monetizing their knowledge all over the world and the best teacher I knew - Jeff Walker. For 3 days, my mind was expanded and I saw people making millions from their digital products.  I told myself I WAS READY!!!


This was the 2nd time I told myself I CAN DO THIS.

I got back to Nigeria and decided to test my new mindset. So I launched a video bundle using 1 of the strategies I learned at the conference, my goal was to make it the biggest launch from one (1) digital product. Drum rolls!!! I made

$19,400 | N7,081,000 in 10 days.


I didn’t stop there. I went on to re-package my online course from 2017 – This one you want to sign up for. Yes! And I hit my biggest launch yet


Using the current exchange rate that is

N46,009,000 in 10 days.

Remember, this all started with one webinar priced ridiculously….and because I decided I CAN DO IT. I still cannot believe the life I live now, digital products saved me. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people generate income by teaching or sharing what they know and love.


Saint Tracy,  @sainttracy

I made 1 million naira overnight from 1 webinar and it was like film trick. I have a thriving business @sainttracys with 4 outlets in 3 states so counting millions isn’t new but when it comes from teaching  for 2 hours, it hits differently.

Back track before that webinar, I had done one that had only 3 sales so I was discouraged. Tricia ask me to go back to the course, watch the webinar module and copy and paste what she said. Simple. The rest they say is history. I have gone on to launch a course after then that also brought in 7 figures.


Mary Dogun, @mayschills

I remember reaching out to TriciaBiz telling her I wanted to launch a class during the lockdown but was scared if people would pay, plus I also needed the money for a project.
I was asked to go watch the videos and execute it to the letter. I did so and launched the class at N45,000. 

50 people signed up for it and I made 2 million from my lockdown class.


Petra Orhue, @petrabydesign

I had 300+ students sign up for my bridal class bringing in over $30k+. 

I launched a Bridal class out of Monetize your knowledge online course and had 300+ students sign up for my bridal class bringing in over 15million naira ($30k+). 

In addition to revenue, I applied just one of the several strategies taught and got 7,000 email subscribers in 1 week. 

DVirtual Assistant, @dvirtualassistant

After Monetize your Knowledge online course, I launched my first course, How To become a Highly Paid VA and Social Media Manager. I  got 25 people enrolled from different parts of the world.
Despite being pregnant I decided to create my course and market it properly. I am thankful for all the strategies we learnt.
One thing with this course is that there is no way you will go through this course and remain the same. If I could do it, then you can. Now I have launched a 2nd course, 30 Days captions that convert for different Niches

Sola Adesakin, @sola_adesakin

I Signed up 22 students for my online course.

Before going through Monetize your Knowledge, I had launched 7 online courses before but never launched a $200 course.

The course taught me several things including charging my worth.


I am committed to teaching others how this works


Get The Proven System my clients Use
To Monetize their knowledge


Monetize your Knowledge online course

A 7-weeks program to help you create & sell digital products that convert the knowledge in your head to cash in your bank account


    MODULE 1

    Finding Your Knowledge Wells

    How to Identify your knowledge wells, research and carve a niche, and discover which product formats are right for you.


      MODULE 2

      Customer Analysis

      The basic principles of customer avatar design, how to discover your customer needs, and the techniques for naming your product.

        MODULE 3

        Creating products I

        A comprehensive introduction to the process of creating webinars, including webinar structuring, selling techniques, and engagement strategies for post-webinar. Also, the basis of eBook creation, and many of the practicalities involved in writing, selling, and publishing (Amazon) eBooks.

          MODULE 4

          Creating products II

          An introduction to online courses; the process of online course creation, launch strategies, email sequence templates, video and audio recording techniques, developing online groups, and how to create launch timelines.

            MODULE 5

            Creating products III

            An introduction to coaching. Offering guidance to avoid the 8 mistakes coaches make, actionable steps to structuring your coaching program, and selling techniques to get clients. You will also master the basis for bundle creations and how to sell them. 

              MODULE 6

              Building your Tribe

              Learn the principal details that are relevant when building a tribe, the main methods of building authority, and the strategies for building your personal brand.

                MODULE 7

                Launching your Product

                Master the fundamentals of sales funnel, including learning elements for funnel creation, tools needed for automation, and sales copy for populating your funnel.

                    In addition to these, you will also get access to 7 bonuses worth $2000.

                    Like I said this is the Ultimate best Online Course to help you Monetize Your Knowledge using Digital products.


                    Bonus 1 – Email Marketing

                    JENNA CARELLI

                    Email marketing is a key component needed to thrive when monetizing your knowledge. This mini training covers:
                    •    Strategies to build your mailing list
                    •    Mailing platforms to consider (pros and cons)
                    •    Email success tips and improving click through rates

                    Bonus 2 – Video Marketing

                    JORDAN NWACHUKWU

                    In this bonus module, you will learn how to create videos that sell using smartphone and laptop:
                    •    Building expertise using Authority videos
                    •    Sales videos – putting out your offers
                    •    Scripting and editing tools
                    •    Platforms and distribution

                    Bonus 3– Leads Generation and FB Ads

                    CRAIG JARELL

                    Face book Advertising is one of the tools to generate leads for your online business and Jarell takes us through tricks and secrets to help you generate quality leads using Facebook. In this mini training you will learn:
                    •    Introduction to FB Ads and setting up pixels
                    •    Creating a lead generation campaign
                    •    4 phases of Facebook Ads
                    •    Ad Hacks

                    Bonus 4 – Tech Vault

                    MAYOWA  ADEOTI

                    The backbone of monetizing your knowledge lies with Tech, the ability to manipulate platforms to host your content. The tech vault consists of several videos that will move you from ‘I am not Techy’ to ‘I can do this. What to expect in the vault:
                    •    Creating a website
                    •    Setting up a Sales Page
                    •    Setting up an opt-in page
                    •    Setting up a thank you page
                    •    Setting up a payment page
                    •    How to host your online courses and E-books on Kobo course
                    •    How to host your online courses on Train Quarters​

                    Bonus 5 – Building your Audience

                    EVA  ALORDIAH

                    One key element in profiting from your knowledge is to build an audience that will consume your content and buy your products. This mini training covers the A-Z of building your audience on Instagram even if you have 0 followers. Eva built her audience from 0-30k+ in 7 months and has earned thousands of dollars monetizing her page.

                    Bonus 6 – Marketing Campaigns

                    AUDRIA  RICHMOND 

                    The importance of marketing cannot be over-emphasized. Audria recently launched her 4th book – Uncloned Marketing and has earned over $150k from the campaign which was unusual, effective and uncloned (different). In this mini training she deep dives into a case study revealing her strategies and how you can replicate same.

                    Are you ready to OWN your Awesomeness and launch your digital products?


                    In addition to all these amazing bonuses, If you take the FULL PAYMENT OPTION, I will be throwing in an additional bonus

                    Bonus 7 – My $100k Launch Blueprint

                    In this bonus I will show exact steps and strategies I used to earn $100,021 from my online course:

                    • Marketing strategy template

                    • Actual ads copy

                    • My email sequence

                    • What worked and what didn’t

                    • My affiliate system structure

                    Imagine having the blueprint behind an online course
                    launch that generated $100,021 in 10 days

                     Check Out More People Winning From This Course

                    Funding magnet, @thefundingmagnet

                    As a PRO helping NGOs find funding, and individuals looking for scholarships abroad get it with up to 90% success rate, I couldn’t understand why people did not want to pay for the knowledge.  After listening to Tricia, I got the code and boom! I moved from 0 sales to 5 figure sales.

                    In May I earned $11,000 in 2 weeks from 4 clients only.  All from my Instagram page even with just about 1k+ followers.

                    Fagunke Onyemowo, @mowesjuicebar

                    I had 37 registrants in my first online course. My course (JUICE LIKE A PRO) had three different price points of which the least course level was USD90/N40,500.

                    We had students sign up from all over Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and the United Kingdom.

                    Launching this course helped position my brand as a Global brand and this was made possible because I applied the excellent knowledge I learned from the modules, bonuses, and group calls offered in Monetize your knowledge course

                    Joycee Awosika, @joyceeawosika

                    Only halfway through the Monetize your Knowledge online course, I launched My Expense Tracker Template and went on to launch my online course.

                    250 people from 9 countries bought the template and 120 students signed up for my course.

                    Harry Morah, @Videobizng

                    I earned 1.3million naira during the lockdown from my online course - Edit like a Pro
                    let me put it in public that I did not pay for the course, rather I was the one who  recorded the training videos.

                    While editing the videos, I was learning and implementing the strategies Triciabiz taught.

                    Christian Okechukwu, @bitcoin.coach

                    I  used to teach people how to trade bitcoin on Whatsapp as I was not on Instagram, after Monetize your Knowledge online course I opened an account.
                    I launched an eBook - How to make money from trading bitcoin selling at N13,000. Then proceeded to turn same eBook into an online course.

                    I made 3million naira from my eBook and online course with less than 1000 followers.

                    I also got my first 2 clients from the coaching group.

                    I know some of you have some ‘what if’s questions and boom! I have answers for you.

                    I had several doubts and questions like you, so I see you, but let me ask you a question before we delve into the answers


                    What If this all works and you make money?


                    BOOM!!! You weren’t thinking about that right?

                    It’s your Lizard brain" at work. That is the oldest part of the brain, the brain stem, responsible for primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear. Get out of that head space and go with your GUTS.


                    You know you need this, you know you want to do this.


                    So back to the questions

                    • I do not have followers on social media

                      This is not a criteria for getting started, there are different strategies you can use to market without a huge following. Read from

                    •  I am not Techy

                      Neither am I, but hey! I am earning using digital products. I love to simplify things so inside the course I help you navigate all the tech.

                    • I am not an expert yet

                      You attain expertise by doing not by learning some more. At whatever knowledge level you are on (Beginner or Intermediate), there are millions of people who lack that knowledge you have, make it count and step out.

                    Imagine if you launched your 1st product an E-book at $10 and you got 50 people to pay


                    Let’s do the maths

                    That would be $500, almost double the investment you paid for this course.


                    And 50 people is veryyyyyyyyyyyy conservative.


                    Imagine if it was a webinar? Selling at $20 and you got same 50 people to pay

                    Let’s do the maths

                    That would be $1,000


                    …And again 50 people is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy conservative.


                    Imagine the income you could earn doing higher priced items and getting more clients to pay you.




                    THE COURSE IS 100% ONLINE & MOBILE-FRIENDLY

                    You can Access Monetize your Knowledge course on any device from anywhere in the world. Whether it be from your home computer or on the go. The choice is yours.

                    Monetize your Knowledge is right for you if you want to…

                    • Earn from your Knowledge or expertise

                    • Learn how to create digital products

                    • Gain confidence in your teaching abilities (because you won’t be wondering if you’re good enough any more)

                    • Get clients to pay for products you launch

                    • You want to make more MONEY

                    I look forward to helping you Monetize your Knowledge. SEE YOU INSIDE!

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