Ready to actually make BIG THINGS happen in your business?

Are you ready to plan for 2021 and experience tremendous BUSINESS GROWTH?

Is 2020 ending on a high and you need 2021 to even be bigger?

Do you need to put some level of thinking and direction into your business?

Are you ready to audit your business growth and strive for more?

Is it time to 2X, 3X, 5X or even 10X the growth in your business?

Imagine being crystal clear on growth strategies for your business, leveraging on your expertise to charge your worth, creating the right marketing campaigns to scale your growth, and dominating your industry...

Sounds good? Then this is for you!

Hi, I am Tricia Ikponmwonba popularly known as TriciaBiz the Business Fixer. In 2018, I birthed the Business Growth Workshop, I simply wanted to help select businesses plan their growth for 2019. I was tired of seeing Entrepreneurs just execute without strategic direction.


For 12 hours, locked in a room we built 2019 plans for 260+ entrepreneurs across 7 editions, and I dare say over half of them have gone ahead to surpass the set goals. Due to the tremendous success of the maiden edition, we had a repeat workshop in 2019 to plan for 2020, with 320+ entrepreneurs in attendance, across 7 editions in and outside Nigeria. Several of them have gone ahead to record exponential growth in their businesses. Like you, some of them did not believe they could achieve much sitting in that room.

The 2020 edition is here and this time with a twist:

1 Location
1 Edition

2 Days 

50 Entrepreneurs only


Business Growth Workshop

December 4th – 6th, 2020 | Lagos, Nigeria 

A 2-day Residency Workshop For Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To

Strategize For Their Businesses To Drive Growth

Please note that we’ll be observing all safety protocols in line with Covid-19 regulations. Your safety and health is important to us, click the video below to see one of the ways we plan to keep you safe.

Workshop Schedule:

DAY 1:

2020 review and


DAY 2:

2021 Planning

  • Strategy

  • Business Model

Day 3:

Marketing campaigns





    This isn’t a workshop where you just sit back and take notes. You will actually create a plan to grow your business.

    • You will decide on your short and long term goals across all areas of your life, including your business.
    • You will have a clear picture on the health of your business over the last 3 years and the growth/drainers.
    • You will know your “why” and how it can be used to drive you emotionally and “keep you in the game".
    • You will understand the critical relationship between your mindset and the success of your business.
    • You will know how to track your progress and identify the right strategies to unlock growth your business.
    • You will know how to create Sales funnels for various purposes, how to convert prospects into ready-to-buy leads, using advanced marketing automation.
    • You will identify the growth strategies relevant for your business type and stage.
    • You’ll develop a GROWTH Mindset and understood the true state of your business.
    • You’ll walk away with a unique blueprint that you can use to optimize, grow and systemize your entire business over the following 12 months.



    My business has grown by 300% in 1 year

    I came out of the Business Growth Workshop 2019 with a growth mindset that didn’t exist before then. 

    My business revenue has grown by 300%, we moved out of my kitchen into a factory space, we have grown from a team of 2 women to a team of 7. We have also established partnerships with suppliers and vendors that make running our business easy and more profitable

    One of the biggest take out of the workshop was the year-long marketing strategy. It is Surreal that everything we use now was developed in that single class.

    I look forward to the 2020 version and I encourage you to sign up now.




    Grew from a 2-man team to a 5-man team

    Business Growth Workshop is a mindset shift. I came out thinking I can do more than I currently do even with my 9-5 job.

    Year to date we have achieved almost 100% increase in revenue vs same period 2019. We moved into a bigger space to accommodate increased sales, we have also moved from a 2-man team to a 5-man team. The quest for growth led me to get NAFDAC approvals for all our products and we have now increased distribution into supermarkets and launched our distributors package. 

    I have attended both 2018 and 2019 workshop and I intend to continue to attend all. This workshop is a must attend to set the new year on course.




    I experienced an increase in revenue up to 8-digits

    I began attending Business Growth Workshop when my business was crawling in 2018 and struggling to attract good revenue. At the workshop I learnt how to segment and attract customers and practical marketing strategies to help us grow.

    We have been able to increase revenue from 6 digits monthly to 7 digits and attaining annual revenue in 8 digits. We also had to move to a bigger space to accommodate the growth. 

    In my opinion the Business Growth Workshop by TriciaBiz is a must attend by all business owners. The strategies are different and thorough, with implementation you will achieve growth. I look forward to the 2020 edition




    Thanks to Business growth workshop for 2018 and 2019, Amal Botanicals has experienced exponential growth.

    We are very clear about our vision, infact I'm obsessed with our vision, this is what keeps us and the team going. We have achieved a drastic increase in revenue and now positioned for global domination.

    We have a Multilevel Marketing company on board stocking our products, like Coach do you 😀 understand what am saying? MLM for Amal.....💃💃💃. We also gained lots of exposure for the brand, we got interviewed on Silverbird Television, DSTV and GoTV. We will also commence supply of our products to a company in Oman.

    Thank you Coach for the in-depth business clarity gained. 

    Trish da Dish!!! You are Gold.




    I have been meeting and surpassing my monthly sales targets since the Workshop

    I wanted to grow my business but had no clue on where or how to go about it. During the workshop, I set my target at 10m, and Coach assured me that it was achievable, she told me how, and what I needed to do to achieve it.

    Since attending the workshop, I have been meeting my monthly target, and sometimes surpassing it. I have financial freedom, met amazing people, and grew my business to a team of 5.

    Business Growth just like the name is a must for any business owner that wants to grow. My Husband didn't believe in online business, but now he's the one asking me when the next Business Growth Workshop is!




    I made my annual revenue in one month after the Workshop

    When I started my business, I was struggling to make $4000 in a year. I attended the business growth workshop and implemented strategies I learnt during the session.

    Barely 2 months after attending the workshop, I made $4000 in a month! The same amount I struggled to make annually. Since then I have gone ahead to earn as high as $11,000 in a month.

    I do less work, earn more income, and still continue to get results for me clients. The Business Growth Workshop was truly a game-changer for me.




    The workshop restructured my mindset to do and be more

    The Business Growth Workshop 2019 for me was an eye opener, I was playing small when I could be so much more. 


    It opened my eyes to the true meaning of growth in a business, applying everything I leant tripled my monthly revenue within the first month and since then, despite the pandemic and my team working remotely, I hired more staff and increased salaries. 


    I moved from the mindset of there’s only so much a service business can do to starting 2 new businesses and doing multiple 7 figures monthly and consistently.

    Business Growth Workshop is an investment you can never regret making.


    Ready to take responsibility for Exponential Growth in your Business?

    Category 1 - Regular Ticket- N300,000|$750

    • Round trip from a central location to the resort and back there

    • Accommodation for 2 nights

    • All meals

    • Workshop materials

    • Workshop fees

    Category 2 - VIP Ticket- N400,000|$1,000

    • Round trip from a central location to the resort and back there

    • Accommodation for 2 nights

    • All meals

    • Workshop Materials

    • Workshop fees

    • Access to the replay of the entire workshop

    • Review of company marketing campaign developed by TriciaBiz

     There is only ONE WORKSHOP FOR THIS YEAR, and there are only 50 SLOTS AVAILABLE, select your preferred option before the seats are SOLD OUT!INSTALLMENT PAYMENT IS AVAILABLE.

    Category 3 - Online Access

    Recording of the entire workshop (All days)

    Life-time access to the recording

    2-hour Q and A session in January 2021 (Webinar)

    This workshop will teach you:

    • How to be strategic with your business by creating scalability and consistency.

    • Powerful implementation strategies so you can cut out guess work, and stop wasting time on trial and error.

    • How to up-level your business from BIG to BIGGER in growth and revenue

    • Proven sales and marketing strategies so you can convert your leads into clients who pay your worth.

    YES, we have results! But don’t take our word for it, hear it from these people who have found success through the Business Growth Workshop

    The workshop gave me an action plan for my business

    The Business Growth Workshop is a compass that guides you on what to do year long. I have now attended the 2 editions that have held, in 2018 and 2019 and both have been instrumental to the expedited growth of my business.

    In the 2019 session, Coach TriciaBiz tripled the sales target I wrote down, even in the midst of covid we have achieved 250% of our target Year to date.

    The marketing and sales module in the workshop is the best, it literally shows you what to do, how to do it etc and if executed the results will be phenomenal like ours.



    I have hit 95% of my 2020 Revenue in 8 figures amidst a pandemic

    I was clueless as to what direction to stir my business in 2020 and I'm like hey Ife this is what you need to make all your dreams come true.

    Went into the class and my mind was blown away, I really like how Tricia made us dream and gave us a brain reset, I came out of the class by increasing my previous earning by 25% but I had took things a step further & paid for her to review my blueprint & now I earn 125% more than my monthly revenue in 2019.

    Right now, I have hit 95% of my 2020 revenue in 8-figures amidst a pandemic and we are still in September.

    BGW is the best thing that can happen to first an individual and then your business! I look forward to being a part of 2021 planning class.



    I made my first 1 million the same month I attended Business Growth workshop.

    When I paid for the Business Growth Workshop, I wasn’t buoyant and it was difficult to pay the 60,00 fee. After the class, I began to implement and in same December I made my very first 1 million naira. 

    Going into 2020, the brand transformation and sales increase has been amazing, in June this year I moved my business out of my home to an office space. Now I have funds to fully stock my business, you made it possible Tricia. We have also moved from a 1-man team to a team of four (4). You made me realize I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

    My growth is unbelievable and I owe it all to you and God Almighty.



    500% Increase in monthly sales after attending Business Growth Workshop.

    I almost did not attend the workshop because I felt there was nothing new TriciaBiz could teach that I already didn’t know. But the workshop, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to my business. My mindset was re-designed in that room.

    The growth In my business has been tremendous, I have achieved up to 500% increase and this has been consistent over the months in 2021 despite the pandemic. This workshop is a divine encounter that everyone needs to be a part of. The strategies are real, intense and work if implemented.



    Our revenue grew up to 300% after the Workshop

    Attending the business growth workshop changed our perspective right from the maiden edition in 2018.

    Shortly after attending, we experienced consistent growth in monthly sales up to 100% by implementing the strategies taught.

    Went back for the 2019 edition to plan and strategize for 2020, our revenue grew up to 300%!

    It is a no-brainer that we’ll be at the forefront of the 2020 edition, grateful to have crossed paths with you Coach.




    Grew from a 1-man team to a 7-man team in one year

    I had N86,000 home and abroad when I signed up for business growth workshop 2020 planning, I paid 60,000 with shaky hands. 

    Prior to attending the workshop, growing my business was a struggle as I didn't know what to do, no clarity or direction whatsoever.

    Business growth workshop helped me learn how to structure my business for profit, cut out all the trial and errors, set up a year's plan and every month is intentional. I plan, strategize and execute with ease now. Whenever I get stuck, I go back to my notes, look at my role as the CEO and fix it.

    I went to BGW as a sole business owner, however The Brand Queen Agency has grown and hired 4 staff with 3 interns since then




    The Business Growth Workshop is for:

    • Existing business owners: You want to grow your business using a strategy, instead of guess work. You want to avoid mistakes, compress time and achieve your goals sooner.

    • New business owners: You have an idea for a business or you're in the very early stages of bringing your product/service to market. You want your launch to be successful and want to build a fast-growing business, not a lifestyle business or a "side hustle"

      This workshop will alter your thought process, question your notions about Business growth and provoke YOU to DO MORE...


      This time Strategic MORE


      What you will discover at this workshop is better than a pot of gold. Your journey to exponential business growth starts here, DIVE IN!




      DISCLAIMER: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not a magic bullet. You will have to work very hard to grow your business to 7 or 8 figures. Do not infer that any examples are promises or guarantees of earnings. "Grow your business" is the goal, and we have not specified a time period. Some people work faster than others. Some pick better markets.